Coming Together | Wellborn Leadership Conference &
New England Environmental Education Alliance Conference

November 1-3, 2018    • Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, Vermont

Wellborn Hub, Vermont SWEEP, and New Hampshire Environmental Educators are Coming Together to present this year’s New England Environmental Education Alliance (NEEEA) Conference. The Wellborn Hub will host sessions on Thursday, November 1 that are aligned to their mission of working to ensure all Upper Valley schools have access to high-quality place-based ecology education. NEEEA hosted sessions will begin on Thursday afternoon with field trips, and will continue on Friday and Saturday with concurrent sessions being offered both days. Participants can register for one day, two days, or all three days.

In the midst of uncertain times for the future of our environment, the work of environmental educators to inspire a connection with our natural world is more critical than ever. Join us as we COME TOGETHER to celebrate and share our collective efforts of building resilient communities through our work in environmental literacy and education across New England.

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Community Update:

To the NEEEA Community in advance of our coming together, 

We will gather this coming weekend to spend time looking at the best practice in the region in our field of environmental education. These upcoming days will be filled with walks and workshops and hearing leaders in our field speak about how environmental education is a catalyst for change in the communities that surround us. We do all this to learn and grow as individuals and together as a community of change agents. Above all else, we come to these conferences to learn from each other. 

This field is made up of strong bonds: the ones that we build with our students, the ones we build with our communities and the ones we build with each other.

We are asking you to call upon those bonds and dive into NEEEA as a community of practice as we deepen and renew our commitment to New England Environmental Education.

There is no doubt about the critical nature of the work we do, but there is also no doubt about the challenges we face. Funding, the current political climate and the nature of nonprofits are all factors we carry into our work. NEEEA is here to provide and support a web of connection in bringing together our most important resource: each other. We are looking to you now, as we move forwards, to support NEEEA in ensuring we are the hub of resources and support you need most with the experience of nearly forty years in building regional capacity in the EE field.

Now, as we look to you to best understand how we can be an effective resource for this region, we are also looking inwards and doing the work to improve our infrastructure and capacity.

We want to strengthen the relationship with NAAEE and be a present and active part of the affiliate network. NEEEA serves as a liaison between state organizations and this role is a critical one. Our board leadership team went through a summer training with Judy Braus and Sarah Bodor to refine our mission and hone in on the role that NEEEA has regionally. NAAEE has invested $5000 into the growth of our board, and we are working closely with them to use that money to build a network of support for all of you.

Additionally, we are working with Dave Chase in the next phase of our growth. Dave is a leader in the field of board governance and development as well the creation of strategic plans. Dave will be supporting us in distilling the feedback we receive from all of you into the creation of a vision for a NEEEA that prioritizes building a network for the state boards and creating a meaningful set of tools and resources that will be available to all states and all members.

During the conference, we encourage you to find a board member to speak with about these changes, and to give and leave feedback on how best NEEEA can serve you. We will also be capturing ideas in other ways - look for anonymous talk back boards during your conference visit. Moving forwards, we want to center NEEEA’s resources centered around the best resource we have: each other.

We deeply thank all of you for your incredible work in this field, and for your consideration, support and honesty.

Onwards to 2019!

Sincerely, The NEEEA Board





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