Rhode Island

Rhode Island Environmental Education Association’s (RIEEA) purpose is to: encourage and promote effective Environmental Education in formal and informal settings; provide a forum for members to study, discuss, and make recommendations regarding the environmental education needs of the state; develop public understanding of environmental problems; initiate and sponsor Environmental Education programs and services; and gather and disseminate information on environmental concerns.

Environmental Education is a process that develops knowledgeable citizens who are concerned about the interconnected natural and human-designed environments in which they live and rely upon for life. Environmental Education fosters awareness of responsibility toward the environment; competence to participate in environmental problem-solving and decision-making; and the motivation to act on behalf of others.  Outdoor learning connects young people to the world around them, kindles enthusiasm, and aids in the development of concern for others. Outdoor experiences promote self-discovery, self-expression and enjoyable learning for positive educational outcomes.

Visit the RIEEA website at www.rieea.org.