Founded in 1977, the Massachusetts Environmental Education Society (MEES) is dedicated to the promotion, preservation and improvement of environmental education in the state of Massachusetts.  MEES is a non-profit organization whose members include classroom teachers, environmental educators, outdoor leaders, naturalists and administrators committed to encouraging education and awareness of the interrelationships of the natural world, and re-establishing the balance between nature and people.

The Goals of MEES are to:

  • Promote environmental literacy in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts;
  • Enhance the professional competence of teachers and environmental educators;
  • Increase communication and collaboration among environmental education professionals;
  • Promote professional and ethical standards and encourage their ongoing development;
  • Serve as a resource for employment, programs, facilities and techniques in environmental education.

MEES provides its membership with four main services: the annual conference, held each March, which draws 200 environmental professionals from Massachusetts and greater New England; the MEES Observer, a quarterly newsletter;, the society's website, which promotes and improves environmental education in Massachusetts by providing networking, communication and material resources.

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